CANCELED Dearly Disillusioned Poetry Reading

McNichols Building

03/14/2020 · 1:00PM

In consideration of Governor Polis' recommendation to enact social distancing with scheduled large-scale events and to ensure the safety of participants, The Dearly Disillusiond live poetry reading event is canceled. It has been re-scheduled for August (date TBA) at the Arvada Center to accompany the upcoming PINKPROGRESSION exhibit. 

McNichols Building will keep our doors open for people who would like to visit the gallery. We will have the pages of the poetry book with audio recordings of the poets on view for those who still wish to attend. 

The book, "Refuse to Stay Silent," is designed by Graphic Designer Nancy Rice,, and includes 26 Colorado poets and artists. This collection of poetry + art is inspired by the centennial of womxn's suffrage and recognizes the complex struggle for universal suffrage that continues today. Poets and artists fuse their narratives together to create collective verse + visuals. This book accompanies the 2020 PINK PROGRESSION exhibits which showcase multidimensional works emphasizing the collective issues that confront us and the transformational ways of finding common ground.

Poets and Artists included in the book: Constance E. Boyle + Petra Perkins + Brooke Granville + Gail Waldstein, Irene Delka McCray + Tree Bernstein, Joslyn Green + Deb Y Felio + Nancy Rice + Sue Bickert, Marj Hahne + Kathleen Willard, Ginny Hoyle + Judy Anderson, Theresa Rozul Knowles, Courtney E. Morgan + Eileen Roscina Richardson, Kimberly O’Connor, Eleanor Perry Smith + Chloe Heglin, Tanaya Winder + Precious Vicente, Kathryn Winograd + Carol D. Gerrero-Murphy, Belgin Yucelen + Anne Waldman

To purchase a copy of the book (available on March 14th) go to:

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