Property Guidelines for Events in Civic Center Park and Surrounding Streets

McNichols Civic Center Building Property Guidelines for Events in Civic Center Park and Surrounding Streets

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The McNichols Civic Center Building (McNichols Building) is owned and operated by Denver Arts & Venues, an agency of the City and County of Denver. It has its own operating model which includes policies and procedures for all activities taking place inside its walls and on its outdoor property (please refer to map). Although this building is part of the Civic Center Historic District, it is not part of Civic Center Park.

The McNichols Building has its own event calendar and booking procedures. To utilize this facility or any piece of its property (please refer to map), one must work directly with the McNichols Building management team. Neither the Office of Special Events (OSE) nor Parks & Recreation manage use of the McNichols Building property.

The Park Access Road (please refer to map) which leads from Bannock Street into Civic Center Park on the south side of the McNichols Building is shared by Parks and Recreation and the McNichols Building. This is an Emergency Access Lane and is the only road which provides access into the park and to the parking areas owned by the McNichols Building. It is imperative that this access road always stays clear and accessible. Nothing from the event footprint including parking, fencing, barricades, vendor booths, or obstructions of any kind are allowed in this area.

Historic events including Cinco de Mayo, Pride Fest, Taste of Colorado, and Parade of Lights, will work directly with the McNichols Management Team to establish access parameters. These events have historically been given permission to close Colfax Avenue, which affects access to Bannock Street. Limited access to the Emergency Access Lane on Bannock Street (please refer to map) will be required during times established by the McNichols Building management team and event planners. During times when the Emergency Access Lane is not accessible due to event activities, an approved plan must be in place to address access in case of an emergency at the McNichols Building. No permits, including street closures, will be issued without written approval from the McNichols Building management team.

The parking area just south of the McNichols Building and adjacent to the Park Access Road is owned and managed by the McNichols Building and can only be used by parties who have contracted to use event space at the McNichols Building. The number of parking spaces allowed to be used by contracted events is determined by the McNichols Building Management Team. All unauthorized vehicles in this area are subject to being ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

The McNichols Building owns and manages the areas directly surrounding the facility. This includes the lawns on the east and west sides of the building and the courtyard on the north end. Nothing can be placed in these areas without prior approval from the McNichols Management Team. This pertains to all aspects of the event footprint including, but not limited to: fencing, barricades, tents, stages, sound equipment, banners, lighting, generators, golf carts, tables, vendor booths, bleachers, etc. Please see map included for property lines and access lane information.

McNichols Civic Center Building Contacts:
John Mosley
Assistant Venue Director

Operations & Event Coordinator
Angelo Powell-Sharp

McNichols Building Area Map

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