Denver's Road Home Givers Summit

McNichols Building

02/05/2019 · 9:00AM

Community connections are vital to creating a better future for every Denver resident. Be a giver by investing in a supported and connected future for every person in need. We want your stories, experiences, challenges and passion for in-kind giving in Denver.

Join us as Denver’s Road Home hosts a summit for community-based organizations, individuals, neighborhoods, city agencies, and other stakeholders to improve coordination and collaboration to better serve our community. We’ll have a day of presentations and discussions, and lunch will be served.

We’re organizing a limited number of hour-long sessions for stakeholders to engage with communities around the issue of giving in Denver. Our goal is to have a variety of topics discussed, including how and where giving takes place, with a focus on community collaboration and basic needs charity in public spaces.

Denver has a well-cultivated spirit of generosity full of stakeholders who care about people! We want to hear your stories of generosity and learn how, as a community, we can best serve the most vulnerable among us with in-kind donations.

For more information about this event, email [email protected]

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