Elemental Construction: Developing Dialogues Panel Discussion

McNichols Building

02/07/2019 · 6:00PM

Developing Dialogues is a conversation with exhibiting artists from Elemental Construction and members of Arthyve. This conversation moderated by Colorado Photographic Arts Center Executive Director, Samantha Johnston will further explore collage and photography as a medium and as a "record." During this panel discussion, we will explore what defines ‘a record’ when it has been produced by a contemporary artist, and in relationship to collage, how can you re-interpret images from our collective memory to create new meaning. Can archiving serve as an extension of the artwork? We will also explore the relationship between the artist, the types of records they produce, and the art object, as well as examining how artists’ records contextualize, validate, and contradict. 

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS | Susan Goldstein, Heather Oelklaus, & George P. Perez
ARTHYVE PARTICIPANTS | Jessie de la Cruz, Sigri Strand, & Rick Griffith

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