Lost Walks

McNichols Building

07/06/2018 · 8:00PM

Presented by Denver Arts & Venues, as part of their Cultural Partner Program, Lost Walks returns with another performance of their Gothic Rock Opera "Wolf, Woman, Man," at Denver's McNichols Building.

“Wolf, Woman, Man” tells the story of a couple who moves into a desolate mountain region and ultimately faces challenges from the elements, each other and a lone, injured wolf. The band's live performances enhance the story by including visual elements created by local artists Liz Holland and Alvino Salcedo, set designers Katie Webster and Justin Hicks, and a team of seven dancers.

All of these elements help augment the band's cryptic tale of obsession and isolation while adding new performance elements that are not to be missed.

Opening this shows will be Denver's own The Still Tide, performing an intimate solo performance.

The Cultural Partner Program was designed to cultivate collaboration between A&V and community-based organizations, business entities and individuals aspiring to present professional-level arts and cultural performances and exhibitions at the McNichols Building.

RATIO beer and other beverages will be available for purchase.

Seating is limited, purchase a ticket today!

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