Queenz of Hip-Hop 10th Anniversary Event

McNichols Building

08/03/2019 · 12:00PM

Hip-Hop event to celebrate women in Hip-Hop through performances, panel, dance battles, DJ showcases, MC showcase, and street art display.

Funded in part by an IMAGINE 2020 grant. 


12:00PM: doors open
1:00PM: sign ups finished for footwork
1:15PM: battles Footwork prelims 30 sign ups at the door 
1:45PM: Cypher
2:00PM: Footwork Top 16 
2:20PM: Footwork Top 8 
2:40PM: Cypher (Signups close for Bgirl Battle)
3:00PM: Final footwork battle 
3:10PM: Footwork battle done winner announced 
3:15PM: Bgirl 1 vs 1 battle starts 
3:45PM:Cypher MC Showcase for Medusa
4:00PM: Bgirl 1 vs 1 Top 16 
4:20PM: Bgirl 1 vs 1 Top 8 
4:40PM: Bonnie and Clyde prelim 
5:20PM: Bgirl 1 vs 1 Top 4 
5:25PM: Bonnie and Clyde Top 16
5:55PM: Bonnie and Clyde Top 8 
6:10PM: Bgirl 1 vs 1 Final 
6:15PM: Bgirl winner announced
6:30PM: Rokafella musical performance
6:45PM: Bonnie and Clyde Final

Event Times