Warm Cookies of the Revolution

McNichols Building

08/23/2019 · 5:30PM

When you flick on your light switch, where does that power come from?
How did it get to you? Is it a good system?
How much power do we have to keep, tweak, or revolutionize this system?

The real reason you should come to this program is because we'll have mind-bendingly beautiful music from Ramakhandra, food and drinks, alternative energy-powered toys from Timbuk Toys, hands-on fun, some brainy info from Rocky Mountain Institute among other local experts, and you're damn right we'll have our delicious classic, vegan, and gluten-free cookies.

You likely pay Xcel Energy every month so it's worth exploring why, and given the reality of global climate change, if the power we cultivate and use is being done the way we want it to be done.

What if you felt the same ownership of our streets, libraries, emergency services, and media as you did about your personal belongings? Why don’t you?

That’s what we’re looking at every month this year with our Own This City: A Live Instruction Manual series.
All of our programs are free (a $5 suggested donation helps with costs).
Childcare and interpretation is available if requested
(the earlier you let us know the better!)
And of course, we have delicious warm cookies:
traditional, vegan, and gluten-free.

This event is supported by Denver Arts & Venues Cultural Partner Program.

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