Warm Cookies of the Revolution: Sunday School for Atheists

McNichols Building

12/16/2018 · 12:00PM

Sunday School for Atheists: When and why do we follow or break laws?

When should we follow laws and when should we break them? *Break bread while we converse about breaking laws. Yummy food provided by local cooks. * That is truly all we’ll do! The holiday season is so over-scheduled and this will (hopefully) be an antidote to the busyness, while nudging all of us to consider when and why we obey and resist. More about this program’s history here. (This program is for everyone: Recovering Catholics, “spiritual but not religious”, Jewish-Buddhists,…

All Warm Cookies programs are free, with a $5 suggested donation to help with costs.

Childcare and interpretation available if requested–A few days notice is helpful for planning!

And of course, there will be delicious warm cookies:traditional, vegan, and gluten-free.

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