áyA Con Opening Celebration

McNichols Building

06/09/2023 · 4:00PM

Join Denver Arts & Venues to celebrate the opening of áyA Con, and the partner áyA Con Ofrenda exhibition on the first floor of McNichols Building. The evening’s entertainment includes Aztec dancers in the McNichols Building courtyard. Guests are invited to visit the first floor Ofrendas, and add to the Community Ofrenda, as well as explore the second and third floor exhibitions.

4-7 p.m. - Show floor open to weekend pass holders
4:15- 4:45 p.m. -Welcome and Ofrenda Exhibition opening blessing featuring Danza Azteca Grupo Huitzilopochtli
5:30-7 p.m. -DJ, Lvl 3 stage Machu Linea
Desert provided by Cultura Chocolate Drinks provided by Co.Co.
Special thanks to Liquid Death Water

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