Colorado-Iceland Clean Energy Summit

McNichols Building

06/20/2024 · 10:00AM


On Thursday, June 20, 2024, State of Colorado, Denver Economic Development & Opportunity, the Embassy of Iceland, and Green by Iceland, will host Our Climate Future event at the McNichols Civic Center Building, in Denver.

The conference brings together government leaders, businesses, and civil society groups to discuss opportunities to strengthen the cooperation between Colorado and Iceland in the field of Geothermal Energy and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) solutions. The aim of conference is to build upon recent advancements in clean energy, including geothermal and CCUS, and highlight technological solutions to accelerate the energy transition. Speakers will highlight the opportunities and challenges to accelerate public and private partnerships to advance the energy transition and achieve today’s ambitious climate goals.

Against the backdrop of today’s geopolitical challenges, greater ambition is needed to rapidly decarbonize the energy system while ensuring energy security. Given Iceland’s achievement in being the world’s largest green energy producer per capita and a leader in harnessing renewable energy for more than a century, there are many lessons learned that can be shared to mutually benefit today’s global energy security and climate change challenges.

  • WHEN: June 20, 2024
  • WHERE: McNichols Civic Center Building, Denver

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