Lumonics Event: Gravity

McNichols Building

07/07/2018 · 7:30PM

Lumonics & The Cultural Partner Program present GRAVITY

The first ever GRAVITY event! It's about the celebration of life through music, dance, art, and writing! This special event features Quantum Beings of the Miraculous, members of Transition Theater featuring guest dancer Mila Popovich, Darshan Dance Tribe, video art by Ed Hed, and DJ Rex aka Rex Finfgeld. This will be a multi-sensory experience to inspire personal expression, connectivity, and love! Please come and share in the magic of the evening!

A celebration of the release of the new book, "My Experiment with Gravity". Plus, readings from its author, Quantum Beings' Rex Finfgeld. While inspired by his near-death experience (NDE), it is a book about dreams, happiness, sadness, laughter, tears, hardship, learning, growing, evolving towards peace, and expanding love, life, mind, and consciousness.

This momentous gathering takes place in Dorothy Tanner's installation, the Lumonics Mind Spa: Stretching the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Doors 7:30 pm
8 pm - 11pm

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