Lumonics Event: Neurosculpting

McNichols Building

04/07/2018 · 10:00AM

Brain science is finding new ways to optimize the way our nervous systems respond to the world. Join us for this introductory Neurosculpting workshop where you'll discover the keys to unlock more of your mind and body's potential through neuroscience and meditation. You'll discover practical approaches to interacting with your nervous system for optimal relaxation and receptivity. You'll learn powerful ways of retraining brain patterns and optimizing the power of focused thoughts. No experience necessary to begin learning ways to harness your brain's power!

"Neurosculpting is the fusion of brain science and mindfulness so even the most insidious mental beliefs can be rewritten. I spread these techniques so that anyone from any belief sysem could benefit and find healing during their hardest times." - Lisa Wimberger

It all takes place in Dorothy Tanner's site-specific installation, the Lumonics Mind Spa on the first floor of the McNichols Building. 

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