The Triad presented by Moxie Collective

McNichols Building

04/12/2018 · 6:00PM

An evening of movement, music and dedication to self.

The triad is considered the most stable of forms. Like a triangle, we are composed of three, mind, body and heart. When each aspect of self is nurtured we feel most balanced and stable.

Join Jillian, Melissa and Elani for a movement experience designed to nurture the three aspects of self. We will first spend time defining and identifying D E S I R E. What is it... how do we tap into our own... and are we allocating time for TRUE desire? We will then move through the physical with a strength training workout and yoga practice. The physical practice concludes with a guided meditation where dedications to self for personal and professional desire are defined.

We will cap off the night with WTR MNL WTR cocktails!

Space is limited!

Moxie Collective

Moxie is a community for badass babes that embody an uncompromising, fierce determination to succeed in all aspects of life. We’re on a quest for what’s possible when we embrace our feminine identity and leverage it to elevate ourselves, our careers, our communities and beyond.

Elani Engelken

Elani is a life and business coach that has been working in people development for the past 6 years. She began her career with lululemon athletica in New York City where she became a regional trainer in people management, communication skills and goal-setting. After leaving lululemon to start her own practice, Elani relocated to Denver, CO. She now works with businesses and individuals to achieve optimal results in career, relationships and personal wellbeing.

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