Think Like a Genius Metaphorming Workshop

McNichols Building

03/24/2018 · 10:00AM


Think Like a Genius® METAPHORMING Workshop

This hands-on workshop will explore your ideas about how the Arts & Sciences can help promote Mental Health and Wellness for the common good.

At Lumonics Mind Spa in McNichols Civic Center Building, Denver

Saturday, March 24, 2018
10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Facilitated by Todd Siler.

Why: Fostering Mental Health is as important as cultivating a passion for Lifelong Learning. It should top everyone's #1 Priority. And yet, who really knows what "Mental Health" looks-and-feels like today? Art enables us to envision what we want to create, and create what we envision. 

What: The Metaphorming Workshop will enable you to visualize and give form to your ideas in response to this question: How can the Arts & Sciences help promote Mental Health and Wellness for the common good? Show and describe your ideas.  

How: Using arts-based methods and tools for stimulating innovative thinking, this facilitated workshop provides a “global common language” for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to freely express their ideas and solutions. Participants are guided to collaboratively create and share symbolic models that reveal their thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, knowledge, dreams, and perspectives. 

Who: The workshop is limited to only 50 participants who will be working together in small groups creating metaphorical models, as well as exploring their meanings and possibilities. 

Where: Participants will have a rare opportunity to draw inspiration from the beautiful artworks by Dorothy & Mel Tanner and Lumonics Light & Sound Studio on exhibition at McNichols Building.

Please visit and  These two websites will give you a sense of the special purpose and fun this creative and communication activity offers, including its useful “Takeaways."

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