Nizhóní Way: New Works by Melanie Yazzie

09/09/2022 - 12/18/2022

Nizhóní Way: New Works by Melanie Yazzie
McNichols Civic Center Building, Second Floor, Boettcher Cultural Pavilion
September 9– December 18, 2022

As a printmaker, painter, and sculptor, Melanie Yazzie’s work draws upon her rich Diné (Navajo) cultural heritage. The exhibit title, Nizhóní, means beautiful in Navajo, but it also means living and existing in the world in a beautiful way. Nizhóní touches on being at peace and in balance with your surroundings. In making her work, Melanie Yazzie attempts to bring good to both herself and the viewer. Creating art in this manner is a quiet way to make change. This exhibition is a collection of mixed media works with various levels of printmaking layered with painting and drawing. All the works featured in the exhibition have been created within the last two years. As an artist, Yazzie works to serve as an agent of change by encouraging others to learn about the social, cultural and political phenomena that shape the lives of contemporary Native peoples in the United States and beyond. Her work incorporates personal experiences as well as the events and symbols from Diné culture. This is Yazzie’s first major solo exhibition in the Denver area.

About the Artist:

As a printmaker, painter, and sculptor, Melanie Yazzie’s work draws upon her rich Diné (Navajo) cultural heritage. Her work follows the Diné dictum “walk in beauty” literally, creating beauty and harmony. 

Ms. Yazzie uses her travels around the world to connect with other indigenous peoples. Her visits to New Zealand, the Arctic, the Pueblos in the Southwest, and to indigenous peoples of Russia, these travels have been the impetus for continued dialogue about Indigenous cultural practices, language, song, story-telling, and survival.

Ms. Yazzie has exhibited widely, both in the United States and abroad. Her work is in the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Print Collection, Providence, the Museum of Contemporary Native Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Kennedy Museum of Art, Art Collection, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, Rhodes University, Print Collection, Grahamstown, South Africa, to name a few. She has been reviewed in Focus Magazine, Santa Fe, the Los Angeles Times, New Zealand Herald, and she is mentioned in Printmaking in the Sun by Dan Welden and Pauline Muir and The Lure of the Local: Sense of Place in a Multi Centered Society by Lucy Lippard. She has had over 500 group and solo exhibitions combined. Yazzie makes prints, sculptures, paintings, and mixed media works. Her work can always be found at the Glenn Green Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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El camino Nizhóní: Nuevas obras por Melanie Yazzie
Edificio “McNichols” del Centro Cívico, Pabellón Cultural Boettcher
9 de septiembre al 18 de diciembre de 2022

Como grabadora, pintora y escultora, el trabajo de Melanie Yazzie se basa en su rica herencia cultural Diné (navajo). El título de la exposición, Nizhóní, significa “hermoso” en navajo, pero también significa vivir y existir en el mundo de una manera hermosa. Nizhóní se acerca a “estar en paz y en equilibrio con tu entorno”. Al hacer su trabajo, Melanie Yazzie intenta traer algo bueno tanto para ella como para el espectador. Crear arte de esta manera es una forma tranquila de generar cambios. Esta exposición es una colección de obras de técnica mixta con varios niveles de grabado superpuestos con pintura y dibujo. Todas las obras presentadas en la exposición han sido creadas en los últimos dos años. Como artista, Yazzie trabaja para servir como agente de cambio al alentar a otros a aprender sobre los fenómenos sociales, culturales y políticos que dan forma a las vidas de los pueblos nativos contemporáneos en los Estados Unidos y más allá. Su trabajo incorpora experiencias personales, así como los eventos y símbolos de la cultura Diné. Esta es la primera gran exposición individual de Yazzie en el área de Denver.

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